Maple Syrup For Corporate Gifting: Here’s What You Need To Know!

If you don’t want to buy all that standard stationery as corporate gifts in the festive season, you need to think out of the box. Your partners, clients and contacts will prefer something that’s useful and thoughtful, and what can be a better cadeau corporatif haut de gamme than maple syrup sourced from Quebec. Canada is famed for many things, but nothing really beats maple syrup. However, just any random store product will not suffice. The quality of the syrup makes a huge difference, and in this post, we are discussing a few things that may come handy when you shop around for maple syrup.

Know the color

Most of the maple syrup bottles found in the market are Grade A, while Grade B syrup is darker in color. In general, if you find that the maple syrup is golden in color, it will have a delicate scent of maple, while amber and dark toned syrups have a stronger flavor. Selected brands also sell organic maple syrup, which is even more expensive, but since we are taking of exclusive corporate gifting here, the price shouldn’t be a matter of concern. Make sure that you read between the labels before selecting the syrup.

Tapping and getting maple syrup

For getting maple syrup, holes are drilled in the tree, which helps in collecting the sap. This is same as how syrup is derived from date trees. The sap is the boiled, so as to get rid of the moisture. What is left behind is a thick syrup, which is further filtered to get what is called pure maple syrup. Note that the quality of sap does make a huge difference to the syrup, and farmers always wish for a heavy winter, which helps in getting a better sap.

The best maple syrup comes from Quebec

Always read the details of a bottle before buying maple syrup for gifting. The best maple syrup comes from Quebec and contains nothing but just syrup. A lot of products in the market contains corn syrup or sugar and only flavor of maple, which is nothing but buying refine sugar. While maple syrup lasts for at least a few months, you can prolong the shelf life of the product by refrigeration. Contrary to popular belief, maple syrup is not as bad as refined sugar and does contain some nutrients.

Check online now to find the best maple syrup from gifting.


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