Beginners Guide to Choose A Right Bong For Pure Smoking Experience

Glass bongs are designed for viable use and even for aesthetics. They are available in an array of styles and colors. They are easy to clean and allow smooth, clean smoke experience. Glass bongs are heavy so not portable but stable, durable and comfortable to puff. However, there are a variety of materials to choose from besides glass.

Picking the right Bong that suits your lifestyle is necessary to enjoy a fabulous smoking experience. What to consider when you choose a bong from head shops nearby is given below.

Dry herbs or concentrates

Dry herbs need a bowl, while concentrates need a nail. If you desire to dabble in both then choose a medium-size glass bong with quartz attachment. It will allow dabbling with both easily.

Why Percolator?

The function of a percolator is to diffuse the smoke. When you burn dry substances like tobacco, combustion gets created that is unhealthy.

To avoid this inhalation of toxic byproducts, a percolator helps. It filters the toxins and cools the created smoke. Thus, you get cleaner and smoother hit. Some bongs have in-built diffusers like percolator or honeycomb or you can get an ash-catcher. For concentrates there is less diffusion, so no percolator is necessary.

Size matters

How will you use the bong? Is it for outdoor activities or a home device? Your purpose will define the material and size of the future smoking device. Small pipes are portable and easy to pack for traveling purposes. A stable home device allows for percolation and modification.

If you are a beginner and are prone to small pulls then medium or small water pipe is enough. Bell-shaped bases or small beakers are durable but larger rigs are prone to shattering because of their sheer size.

If you will use a bong with friends then choose a medium-size device to decrease the possibilities of damage. An experienced bong collector can choose a huge statement piece!


Bongs are designed from bamboo, plastic, ceramic, and acrylic. Plastic and acrylic water pipes are cheap and translucent but lack creativity seen in glass bongs. Therefore, they are a less favorable option yet great for on-the-go purposes.

Ceramic bongs can be less costly than glass and are more durable and beautiful but hard to clean therefore will need replacements soon. Bamboo is stylish and sturdy but glass bongs are classic. Scientific glass material is used to design strong and durable bongs.

In the end, your purpose, need for durability, personal aesthetic and budget will determine the kind of bong you need to choose!


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