What are the benefits of purchasing high-quality bong?

A cannabis enthusiast knows the meaning of buying a high-quality pipe and bong. However, newbies don’t understand about it and they just buy any bong! But for the best smoking experience and better hits, you should be preferring high-quality bongs!

What is a bong?

A bong is also known in the market by other names such as bubblers, Sherlock’s, spoons, water pipes, etc. All styles are unique and have different purposes. Most smokers like to collect bongs as well as pipes. Now it is important to understand that all glass pipes are made using glass however, not all glasses are the same. The market consists of cheap bongs but having something of quality will make you save money and have a better experience.

Why go for high-quality bongs?

  1. Raw materials- when you will look in the market you will find bongs made of various glass materials. Some use lab-grade borosilicate glass which is durable enough. Borosilicate glass consists of silica and boron trioxide. Apart from that this material has good resistance to a high temperature which makes it the best material. Also, bongs made with this glass are thick and don’t break easily!
  2. Craftsmanship- glass bongs are a work of art and so they are high quality! They are crafted by experienced bong makers. They are a little expensive but it is all because of the craftsmanship and quality taste it provides. Hence, spending on them is a one-time investment but offers a great experience.
  3. Functionality- professional smokers make use of high-quality bongs to check their buds. They know that bongs will let them get the best taste out of the cannabis flower. Expensive bongs also have a coil percolator in them which cools the smoke.
  4. High resale value- there are a variety of bongs both branded and non-branded. But if you are thinking to sell them in the future then buy bongs from a reputed brand. Thus, you will be able to get a good price when you will resell it.

So, these are some of the reasons that you should be choosing high-quality bongs.

Tips to consider when choosing a bong

Check Reviews- to know which bong is suitable or which store is suitable to buy a bong, firstly check the reviews. Few sites offer bongs made of duplicate materials and so the consumer cannot get the best experience from it.

Different Style- if you are a beginner then do check a bong that has a simple design such as round base bong or straight tube bong. They are not only easy to use but are reusable and easy to clean. But if you are Pro smoker then can buy multi-chamber bong or percolators, etc.

Price tags- prices of the bong will vary depending on the type of raw materials used. You can select those which have high-quality material and reasonable rates.

We hope the above article was useful in selecting the right type of bongs.


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