Reasons Why You Should Buy Slime For Kids

Slime is a colorful, sticky, gooey substance mainly made from guar gum. Becoming famous and widely accepted after its emergence on Nickelodeon, the sticky substance is a mood-lifter for many kids and adults.

Although Slime is generally considered a toy, it is much more than that. Aside from keeping kids entertained and busy, Slime has numerous benefits that seem too good to be true. Knowing these benefits will surely make you stock up your kids’ toy closet with more slime kits.

Here are the reasons for you to buy Slime for kids:

●     Enhanced Focus

You must have heard before that kids have a very short attention span- well, it couldn’t be more true. Now the interesting thing is that playing with Slime can improve your kid’s attention span to a significant extent.

Research has revealed that keeping the hands busy helps the brain focus on things like listening to lessons, stories, or instructions. This means that your kid can pay more attention to their homework when playing with Slime; think of it as the candy you usually reward them with to get them to do their homework.

As a kid folds, stretches, twists, squeezes, and flattens Slime with their hands, they develop an enhanced level of focus.

●     Better Creativity

Everything about Slime is creative, from how it’s made to how it’s manipulated with the fingers. When kids play with Slime, they explore their creative sides.

They do whatever they deem fit the Slime, expressing their state of mind. They may roll and stretch it into a long rope, make it flat and cut out shapes using cookie cutters, ball it up and bounce it, or just keep squishing it between their fingers. The way they decide to play with Slime totally depends on them.

As time goes on, they begin to explore different ways of playing with Slime. They may add glitter, beads, or other things to fit into whatever they imagine. This helps them sharpen their creativity.

●     Education

Although Slime isn’t on the list of educational items your kid’s school teacher lists, it can help your kids academically.

You could help your kids identify colors better by buying different slime colors and continuously asking them to name them. Similarly, you could help them learn shapes by playing with Slime. To do this, spread the Slime on a flat surface and cut out one-dimensional shapes with your cookie cutter. Since kids learn and memorize visually, you can use Slime to show them many things.

●     Motor Skills

The movement of the fingers manipulates Slime, so it makes sense that playing with Slime improves your kid’s motor skills. As they squeeze and twist Slime with their hands, they exercise the muscles of their fingers. This helps them build good motor skills.


Slime is a way of enhancing your child’s health while also helping them have fun. Unlike the struggle of getting them to eat their veggies, your kids will beg you for more slime. Head to the Cornwithslime website to get kid-friendly Slime for your family today!


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