How To Get The Most Out From Your Flagpole During the Winter

Not everyone is interested in installing a flagpole and flag on their property, not because they are not proud to be a US citizen but because they do not know enough about flagpoles or their installation. Installing a flagpole on your property can be fairly easy, depending on the type of flagpole you choose.

The flag symbolizes freedom and a source of pride, especially when the National Anthem is played. You might be unaware of why people stand for the national anthem, so to clarify why it is important for you to stand while the anthem is played, read below:

  • To show respect
  • To commemorate and honor the soldiers and citizens of the US who fought for the freedom you are enjoying today
  • As a tradition
  • To honor democracy

Going back to flagpoles, particularly telescopic flagpoles, if you decide to install one, you should also consider how to maximize their life, especially during the winter. To help you become successful with it, here are some of the tips to help ensure you can get the most out of your flagpole even during the winter season:

Change Your Flags to Polyester

You may be inclined to choose a flag made of natural fibers, but choosing polyester will allow your flag to last longer. And using polyester won’t make you less patriotic. Polyester works best with cold weather, precipitation, and the wind, among the many fabrics to use. On the other hand, nylon or cotton may fade or shrink when exposed to different weather elements. Why would you take the risk if there is a fabric you can use to make your flag wave beautifully during all times of the year?

Check All the Parts of the Flagpole

Make sure to check your flagpole, and its parts, before winter comes. You maintain your car, so do the same with your telescopic flagpole. It is easy to perform consistent maintenance, and it ensures your investment will last a long time. Maintenance can also assure you that all parts of the telescopic flagpole are in good working condition and alert you if parts need to be replaced. For ease of replacement, order parts from the same store you purchased your flagpole.

Know When it is Time to Put the Flag Down

A telescopic flagpole might be better for you because you can remove them anytime you want without much effort. It takes only a click to install and another click to remove. If you think that the weather is too harsh already, do not think twice and immediately remove the flagpole. You do not want the flagpole to get damaged, so it’s best to take it down even if you want to let it fly 365 days a year. Now that you know how to make sure your flagpole is in its best condition, even during the wintertime, you can have peace of mind that you will get the most out of what your flagpole has to offer during all seasons of the year.


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