Caring For Your Ranch Hats

The proper maintenance of any valuable item is bound to improve its durability and ensure that the user enjoys its use. You can always look out for care tips on the best ways to keep your stuff in good shape. This is what informs the objective of putting this article together as we consider how ranch hats can be cared for. Ranch hats are a huge favorite fashion accouterment for folks in the hood, and they are quite attractive to don. This is the more reason one has got to be committed to maintaining them properly – and that’s all that will be discussed straightaway.

Washing Your Ranch Hat

Clean Spots First

You should inspect your hat thoroughly to take note of the spots that might be on it and clean it accordingly. You can do this by using a soft-bristled brush dipped into some stain removing agent to brush off the spot. By the way, this may be seen as some sort of regular cleaning measure – carried out to get stains off your hat – and not necessarily left till you intend to do a deep wash. That said, you should be very mindful of the threading on the hat while brushing off the stain. Again, at no point should you attempt to get rid of loose threading by pulling – get a pair of scissors to trim it.

Soak The Hat

To wash your ranch hat, you should make soapy water in a bucket, ensuring that it reaches a point where the hat can get fully submerged [in the water]. You will need to use a highly potent detergent for this cause. Once you have this ready, soak the hat in for about 4 – 5 hours. That said, you should check from time to time to see how well the stain had come off. After the specific timeframe, you can use a brush to scrub the hat being careful of the patch or logo that may be on it. You should use warm water to rinse off the soap on the hat after washing. Then use a towel or any other clean cloth to remove excess moisture from the hat – mind you, this is only done to reduce the moisture that the hat has picked up.

Air-Dry The Hat

You should now wear the hat on the head of a mannequin – or any object having a ball-shaped part – to air-dry it. This will help keep the shape of the hat while it dries up. To avoid messing up the area where you will be air-drying the hat, you can place the towel around to soak up dripping water.

Bonus Tips

In concluding this piece, there are yet certain things connected to the cleaning of your hat that must be taken note of. These are thus highlighted below:

  • Avoid washing your hat in the dishwater. This is because of the danger that harsh detergent and extremely drying temperature [used in dishwater] could portend to your hat. You may end up having a wrecked hat instead of a sparkling clean one.
  • You should also not wash your hat along with other clothes – while doing laundry generally. The chances of damaging the structure/form are high in some instances.
  • Avoid soaking or washing your hat with bleach to preserve its color.

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