Benefits Of Nipple Pasties That You Never Knew

The world of nursing can be a tricky one. There are so many things to consider, and as a new mom, you’ll probably feel like there are even more things coming at you from every direction. One thing that’s often overlooked is nipple covers.

But why? After all, they are an important part of your nursing kit! Nipple covers protect your modesty while still giving your little one access to your nipple. If you don’t want everyone to see your business, check out the benefits of nipple covers below!

They Can Be Worn With Most Nursing Bras

It’s important to note that nipple pasties can be worn with most nursing bras. However, there are some exceptions- like sports bras, which don’t always have a flap for the cover to sit in. But for the most part, this isn’t an issue. Nipple covers come in handy when you have an open shirt and don’t want anyone to see that you’re nursing.

They are perfect for the summer or if you are breastfeeding outside. When your little one is old enough to use a sippy cup or bottle, nipple covers can still be worn! They make breastfeeding much more discreet and they can even be used while pumping.

Nipple covers are not just for moms! If you need to feed someone else’s baby, like your spouse or another child, nipple covers are a must-have device. You never know when your child might refuse a bottle given by someone else!

And if you ever need to take care of your child while they’re at daycare, then you’ll want to grab a few packs of these silicone nipple covers before heading off on your errands.

They Can Help Your Nipples Heal Faster

One of the best benefits of nipple covers is that they can help your nipples heal faster. When you’re done breastfeeding, you’ll notice that your nipples are a lot softer than they were before.

That’s because they start to heal – and nipple covers can make the process happen faster. If you want to avoid letting people see your nipples, put a cover on when you nurse so it doesn’t rub against anything.

They’ll Save You From Unwanted Stares

Let’s face it, breastfeeding can be embarrassing. You’re in public, latched onto your child (or animal), and for some reason, everyone seems to think that’s an invitation to stare you down.

With nipple covers, you have back your dignity and can nurse with the comfort of knowing there’s a barrier between you and the world.

Nipple Covers Are A Great Way To Find Your Size

Nipple covers are a great way to find your size. They allow you to see what size and shape of nipple cover work best for you. You might be surprised by how many different sizes, shapes, and materials there are.

You Won’t Have To Worry About Drying Out Your Nipples

One of the most important benefits of nipple covers is that they provide a barrier between your nipple and the outside world. This means you won’t have to worry about drying out your nipples when your child nurses. If you don’t use a cover, your nipples will come into contact with air and this can lead to cracked nipples and pain while nursing.