All You Need To Know About Buying A Pet Care Franchise

Have you always been a pet lover dreaming about owning your pet shop? If you gave up your dream because of a lack of money and experience then your solution is to buy a pet care franchise. A franchise will give you a jumpstart in the new business world. This is the perfect opportunity to transition from a pet lover to a pet care pro.

If you are looking for a pet care franchise then one of the most efficient franchises is Hounds Town. Their franchises provide daycare, dog and cat grooming facilities, overnight dog boarding facilities, and a pet taxi which provides a multiple revenue stream model. This dog daycare franchise has been around for 20 years and the model has been modified over the years to be the most cost-efficient.

Benefits of buying a pet care franchise

The following are some benefits of buying a pet care franchise rather than starting your own business.

  • The roadmap has already been developed: The franchise has already been tried and tests by many business owners who have experienced roadblocks and found the way to work around it. This ensures the most successful results possible.
  • The franchisor will guide you through every way: Even if you are completely new to the business world, franchisors have training programs that will help you to be up to speed about running a business. They will assist you in finding the right location, the right advertisement, and any other situation.
  • Trusted brand name: These franchises already have an established brand name that comes with it. If you open a franchise store of the brand then people will automatically trust your service to be up to the mark of the brand.

  • Take advantage of buying power: To negotiate the prices for anything that you need, the franchisor can use their buying power to get everything at a lower price level than individual operators. This does not only apply to initial costs like furniture, building but also other costs such as uniforms, supplies, and inventory.
  • Risk avoidance: If you are worried that your business will go into loss then you do not worry about a franchise business model. This business has already been tried, tested, and successful which provides a level of certainty about what will happen.


The business model of a franchise is the best for newcomers in the business who are trying to set up their place. Furthermore, it is a much safer and full proof option than starting a new business from scratch.


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