All That You Need to Consider Before Buying A Used ATV or UTV

A used ATV can be more pocket-friendly than a new make and model. However, before you decide on going for a second-hand vehicle, you could research about cheaper models. Regardless, used ATVs and side-by-sides can only be bought after careful inspection of the vehicle.

You can research and compare cote-à-cote between the different models. Performance NC is Canada’s third-largest dealer of off-road vehicles. They provide recreational products, used and new, accessories and maintenance services throughout Canada. Furthermore, they are a family-owned company having 15 years of expertise in ATVs and UTVs.

Tips for buying a used ATV or motorcycle

The following are some helpful tips to keep in mind before investing in a used vehicle.

  • Determine your budget: Before deciding that you only have the budget to buy a used vehicle, you can research about the cheaper models. You can end up finding good deals on new vehicles too. To stay ahead of the used ATV market, manufacturers make cheaper and economical models.
  • Ask the right questions: You should ask your seller as many questions as required in finding out the reason they’re selling it. Some questions are:
  • What’s the mileage?
  • What’s the service history?
  • Could I get a VIN number? This can help you contact a dealer and know the exact information of the model.
  • Inspect the tires and drive system: If the vehicles are bald or beat up, then you can bargain the price as buying additional tires are costly. Furthermore, there could be nails and plugs stuck in the old tires. The drive system is expensive to replace so keep a note of the gearbox, axles, boots and any excess fluids leaking from the engine.

  • Look at the frame: Take a step back and look at the overall frame of the ATV or UTV. Put the vehicle on flat land to make sure it is stable. If one side is lower, it could mean that it has a bent frame. Check for previous cracks or dents too.
  • Take a ride: Like taking a test ride of a new vehicle, take a ride on this vehicle too. Make sure that the gears, controls, and engine works in perfect condition. Make sure that the engine does not make suspicious noises. Try the machine in reverse, low and other settings to ensure its smooth working.


Before making any new purchase, you must carefully inspect the product. Furthermore, you must research the company’s make and models so that the seller does not trick you.


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