Getting To Know About Ruger Vaquero Holsters

The aesthetics of the Ruger Vaquero holsters were a significant consideration during the

design process. The reality of the issue is that prospective purchasers of firearms are drawn to this baby only by its attractive appearance, even though it is touted as being a handgun that has a smooth trigger pull and is accurate. Regardless of how the revolver you have appears, you will need to carry it in a holster of some form. This post is a comparison of the best Ruger Vaquero holsters that are currently on the market, and in the end, we will choose the holster that we believe is the best overall option.

When it comes to holsters for the Ruger Vaquero, you have a lot of various options to choose

from. Ruger Vaquero Holsters are available ina broad variety of designs and combinations. Four distinct finishes can be selected, and for each of those finishes, there is a variety of barrel sizes that can be selected. The lengths of the barrels range from just under four inches up to six inches. The wooden handles provide a substantial amount of extra weight to the load that needs to be carried.

Additionally, revolvers may be extremely expensive, which is another reason why you should opt for a holster that is made of leather since it will offer the finest amount of protection possible for your firearm. Make sure that the holster you purchase can accommodate the size of the Vaquero that you now possess, regardless of the model that you currently own.


The materials are arranged in a manner that is somewhat reminiscent of the type of holster

that is used in the western part of the country. This holster which is black and made up of leather is supple and bendable even though it is not tanned. You may suspend the Ruger Vaquero over your belt, which has a maximum width of 2.5 inches, simply and comfortably. Shooters with either a left- or right-handed dominant hand can acquire the rapid crossed-draw kind of holster.

There is not a second set of loops for the snap closures that are utilized as retention. This uses a little more than the inherent ability of the leather and friction to retain its shape. It works wonderfully with your Ruger Vaqueros with a barrel of four inches. The aperture of the Ruger Vaquero holsters is lined with precision stitching to facilitate a steady and smooth holstering of the weapon.


If you look past three-color, you’ll observe a holster by Ruger Vaquer and the first option presented here have a lot in common, including the attributes we just mentioned. On the

other hand, this one is designed to holster shorter barrels as opposed to bigger types because itis more compact. After all, there are only a few people who would like to walk around with a large revolver which is of 6-inch size on their hip.

Take into consideration purchasing this model if you already own revolvers with a barrel measuring 3.25 inches. The leather that was used in this instance is also of somewhat higher quality. In addition, you won’t have to fiddle with loops along threads to keep your weapon in place. However, the little retention might be one of the reasons why it is more suitable for those models with a lower volume. It works well for a lot of people.